Plotter Machine

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CNC Router Machine

It was created specifically for door carvings, interior and exterior decorations, wood panels, signboards, wooden frames, moldings, furniture, and so on. They are also utilized in the thermoforming of polymers to automate the trimming process. It is used to cut a wide range of materials, including wood, composites, aluminum, steel, plastics, glass, and foams. ACP Cutting, Acrylic Cutting, MDF, WBC, Wood, Aluminum Sheet, Foam Board Cutting, 3D Engraving, 2D Engraving are all job types.

Acrylic Laser Machine

A CAD file is used as a guide to accurately cut a specific design from acrylic material. In other words, it is the digital subtractive production process that entails utilising a laser to cut or engrave a certain material. Job Categories: Acrylic Up to 16MM, Polyurethane Sheet Cutting